the environment

The built environment is responsible for approximately 40 per cent of all carbon emissions. As an owner and occupier of buildings around the world, we have a responsibility to ensure we manage our environmental impact as carefully as possible.

For all our occupied buildings in the UK – and our US business Jackson’s main premises in North America (Lansing and Denver) – we assess the direct impact that our properties have on the environment. This includes monitoring energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, water consumption, waste and recycling.

One of the challenges we face in reporting our environmental impacts on a global basis is the collection of robust data for our operations in Asia. Across the region we are often an occupier of multi-tenanted properties, and environmental data collection is not the norm. Nonetheless, we are developing processes, and identifying technologies, by which we can accurately begin to measure our impact.

Our investment property portfolio is managed through PRUPIM, part of M&G, our UK and European asset management business. PRUPIM is a top 20 global real estate fund manager, managing more than £16 billion worth of assets.

PRUPIM’s vision is to deliver superior investment performance through further integrating sustainability into its business culture, activities and decision making. It seeks to address its own impact on the environment as well as influence the property sector through innovation and thought leadership. Further information on Responsible Property Investment is available on the PRUPIM website.


  • We recognise the importance of minimising the environmental impact of our operations
  • We are working towards global monitoring of the environmental impacts of our occupied properties
  • We aim to deliver superior performance for our property investment portfolio through integrating sustainability into business culture, activities and decision making

"PRUPIM is a top 20 global real estate fund manager, managing more than £16 billion worth of assets."