Fair and transparent products

meeting customer needs

We are deeply aware of the significance of the financial decisions our customers face and we value highly the trust and confidence they place in us to help them plan and provide for their future. Consequently, we continuously measure the level of customer trust in all our businesses, and report findings to the Prudential plc Board on a regular basis.

With customers spanning a diverse range of geographical locations and demographics, the products we offer vary across our operations. But, in all our markets, we are committed to listening to our customers so that we can design the best way to meet their individual needs. For example, in Asia, healthcare protection is particularly important, and we continue to broaden our health and protection product offerings.

Jackson, our US business, has made its variable annuity products more widely available by broadening its distribution base, as customers seek greater security in times of economic uncertainty. In the UK, we have developed new products to reflect demographic changes which are having a profound impact on the way people need to plan for retirement.

We are in no doubt that good customer service is paramount to our reputation and we constantly monitor performance and take action when required. In 2010, our customer service performance was recognised through a number of awards and industry rankings.

As a Group with a long-term view, we believe it is important to participate in global debates and policy considerations that affect our customers. Across our business, we share our knowledge and expertise to help inform public policy.


  • We value the trust customers place in our business and we aim to live up to their expectations
  • We are committed to presenting our products clearly and transparently
  • We believe in maintaining open and clear communications to help customers make informed decisions


  • We seek to understand our customers’ needs and provide appropriate products
  • We provide clear product communication and promotional materials
  • We maintain open communication with our customers, providing a helpful, responsive and ongoing service
  • We seek the views and suggestions of our customers
  • We resolve customer complaints as quickly as we can