Developing talent

for the future of Prudential

Operating in an increasingly competitive and global business world means that a pipeline of talent for future business leadership is essential.

Creating conditions in which talented individuals can thrive and develop into the leaders of the future is a major challenge for all organisations. In addition to Momentum, our fast-track global development programme, each of our businesses have created a range of initiatives and approaches to help ensure they have the people they need, at all levels, to deliver future growth objectives.

Thomas Atterstam, Prudential Group Head of Talent, explains: “Developing our people is critical for meeting our growth ambitions. We need to think about development in terms of both short-term performance and longerterm potential. At Prudential we take a long-term view, striking a balance between our needs today and our needs in the future.”

“Developing our people is critical for meeting our growth ambitions.”

Our UK and Europe asset management business M&G’s Academy

The M&G Academy, created in collaboration with Henley Business School, takes a group of individuals with clear leadership capability and builds a programme around their development needs.

Cara McCarthy, M&G’s Learning and Talent Development Manager, explains how it was launched. “At M&G we began focusing far more on creating ways to take some of our highest performing people to the next level in their careers. We began asking questions such as: How do you get them to think more broadly, and to think about the industry context? What are the leadership challenges they may face if they are sitting at the helm of their business in, say, five years’ time?”

She adds: “The programme is grounded in the specific needs of the business, focusing on the asset management challenges that the business will face in the future. Its overwhelming success has inspired the development of a number of other initiatives for M&G employees who are at different stages in their careers.”

Henley University of Reading

Cornerstone Programme

M&G’s Cornerstone Programme is for individuals who are beginning to take on management responsibilities. Launched in 2009, Cornerstone is now working with its third intake. It is based on the development principles that underlie the Academy programme, as Jennifer Kidd, Talent and Learning Development Manager, who runs Cornerstone, explains: “Cornerstone helps participants gain insight into their potential and what leadership means to them. We work with Ashridge Business School to deliver Cornerstone, but we also work very closely to support participants. For example, helping them develop networks to discuss issues and challenges highlighted through the programme.”

Catalyst Programme

More recently, M&G has added the Catalyst Programme to its suite of development initiatives. Catalyst – aimed at more junior people within the business – is designed to help employees develop the skills and approaches they will require as they begin to advance their careers.

Cara says: “In addition to developing skills, these programmes are building a stronger network between departments. Academy participants have driven greater collaboration and we are seeing the same thing happening through Cornerstone and Catalyst.”

Forging connections across the organisation is also a key part of Thomas’s plans for Prudential as a whole. “One part of my role is to ensure that, where possible, we create wider networks of talented individuals across the Group, as well as establishing mechanisms to give people increased exposure to opportunities throughout our business.”

Taken together, the development programmes and activities at Prudential highlight our commitment to maintaining a long-term focus on development. As Cara puts it: “We are sending a very clear message about our investment in the future of the business.”


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