“Throughout our long history, of more than 160 years, we have established a heritage of responsibility rooted in our long-term planning and day-to-day operations.”

We are in no doubt that acting responsibly with our customers’ investments, supporting the welfare of the communities in which they live and playing our part in protecting the environment are fundamental to managing a sustainable business.

The important role we play in society, by helping people manage uncertainty and plan for a more secure future, is something we take very seriously at Prudential. Over the past few years, confidence in financial services has declined following the economic turmoil and, while insurance companies are different from banks because they invest for the long term, we do not underestimate the trust our customers place in us to deliver on our promises.

Throughout our long history, of more than 160 years, we have established a heritage of responsibility rooted in our long-term planning and day-to-day operations.

At Prudential, we firmly believe responsibility should be managed on the ground. It is our people running the businesses who are closest to, and therefore best understand, our customers and local stakeholders. However, we are also very aware of the need for good governance, which is why global priorities, policies and standards are set, and monitored, by the Group.

In this year’s report you will see the principles we have developed for each of our global corporate responsibility (CR) themes, as well as our new Customer Charter. Developed in conjunction with our businesses, these serve to underpin our commitments to CR.

To help illustrate how CR is an intrinsic part of the way we do business, in this year’s report we have included a new feature: articles from interviews with employees, telling, in their own words, how we put our philosophy into practice.

I believe we are making good progress on all our commitments, and I am particularly pleased that employee volunteering continues to be a strong theme across all our businesses. In 2010, almost 25 per cent of our staff signed up as volunteers. Many of them participated in the Chairman’s Challenge, which has supported more than 100 annual projects since the programme was launched five years ago. I am extremely proud of the contribution our employees make through volunteering, and, I believe, this is another demonstration of our brand values in action.

I, and the rest of the Board, take CR very seriously. As a Board, we regularly review progress and challenge our businesses to keep raising the bar.

This report provides an overview of our activities in 2010. Later this year, we will be launching a new website as part of our commitment to on-going reporting.

I hope you find this year’s report both interesting and informative, and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

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Our Customer Charter

  • We seek to understand our customers’ needs and provide appropriate products
  • We provide clear product communication and promotional materials
  • We maintain open communication with our customers, providing a helpful, responsive and ongoing service
  • We seek the views and suggestions of our customers
  • We resolve customer complaints as quickly as we can